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Real TEM Innovation

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TEM Industry Roundup: 3 Key Factors to Consider in 2022

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What to Expect

The way of doing business continues to evolve for all global enterprises. The meaning of Technology Expense Management(TEM) and all that it embodies is constantly changing to better manage and optimize growing technology spend. Many enterprises are rapidly adapting to the new ways of working and planning ahead with an innovative outlook on their TEM strategy. But the key to staying ahead, is considering the unexpected information that you might be lacking. As you plan your TEM strategy for 2022, consider these new innovations for a successful TEM approach.

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Meet Your Speakers

Melissa Swartz
Founder, Swartz Consulting, LLC

Andrew Wyse
Managing Director – EMEA, Calero-MDSL

Billy Howes
VP, Solutions Consulting, Calero-MDSL

David Bliss
CPO, Calero-MDSL


  • Keynote on innovation and trends in telecom for 2022 with Melissa Swartz, Founder, Swartz Consulting, LLC
  • 3 innovations in technology expense management you should know
  • A sneak peek into 2022 product roadmap from Calero-MDSL
  • Q&A with presenters
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Telecom Expense Management

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Managed Mobility Services

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SaaS Management

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